Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Are you interested in finding out more about bedbugs? You’ll be surprised to learn that these small pests are more problematic than you could ever imagine. If you don’t wipe them out, they’re going to reproduce and create a much bigger problem in your dwelling. Bedbugs are difficult to contend with. Before you can do anything, you need to confirm that you’re dealing with an infestation. Before hiring an exterminator, search your home and ensure that you have bedbugs. To achieve this goal, you need to know where bedbugs are hiding. Otherwise, you won’t know where to look.

Where do bedbugs hide in a dwelling? Ultimately, they have many suitable hiding places. Some of the most notable will be explored in greater depth below.

First Places To Look


First, you should check the bedbug’s most common hiding places. In other words, you should carefully search your bed. Search your mattress and box springs since bedbug prefers hiding close to their victims. During a bedbug infestation, most of the bugs in a residence are going to be hiding on the mattress or box spring. They’ll remain here so they can feed on you conveniently in the middle of the night.


The bed frame is one of the favorite hiding places for bedbugs. As the infestation expands and grows, the number of bedbugs in your home is going to increase significantly. Therefore, it’ll be too difficult for all the bedbugs to hide on your mattress. Instead, they’re going to spread out. Some will hide in suitcases and luggage bags. Others will be found clinging to your bed frame. Look closely because they’re difficult to see.

Sheets & Covers

You cannot ignore your sheets, covers, and pillowcases. Again, the infestation will get bigger. Bedbugs can easily be found hiding on your sheets and covers. Once you see them here, call an exterminator so they can deal with the infestation. Remove your pillowcases and check inside too.

Certain Furniture

Bedbugs can hide on certain pieces of furniture. They prefer upholstered furniture. Once they’ve snuck into your home, they’ll hide between the cushions of your couch. They’ll hide around the frame too. In many cases, they can be found underneath the furniture too.

Don’t Forget These Places

Once the infestation spreads, the bedbugs in your dwelling will begin moving further from the bed and bedroom. They’ll hide in the following places too.

Your Bags

These pests regularly travel in luggage bags and suitcases. Therefore, you’ll want to thoroughly search these places as well. They tend to be found in luggage bags after a motel stay. Regardless, you should check your luggage when you return from vacation because bedbugs might’ve been hidden in your bag.

Paintings, Pictures, & More

Whether they’re hanging on your wall or sitting on a table, pictures and paintings can be good bedbug hiding places. Depending on what you’re dealing with, you may need to remove and search the frame. If you find bedbugs hiding in your paintings, be sure to contact a local exterminator.

Bedroom Shelves

You may find bugs hiding in your bedroom’s nightstand. You have to check this storage unit carefully. Most nightstands are dark, brown. As a result, it’ll be difficult to spot these small pests. Whether they’re hiding under it or in a corner somewhere, you’ll have to look closely to see them.

Reading Materials

Bedbugs tend to hide in reading materials as well. A lot of people enjoy reading in the middle of the day, night, and evening. Unfortunately, your books could quickly become hiding places for bedbugs. Check them carefully to ensure that your home is not infested. If it is, call a professional.

Televisions & More

Finally, you must examine the electronic devices in your home. Most households have many electronic devices such as televisions, computers, and more. If you have a small alarm clock next to your bed, bedbugs could be hiding in it. Find out and call an exterminator to fix the problem before it worsens.

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