Conventional Treatment

Conventional Treatment

Some of our clients want to deal with their pests using conventional or traditional treatments. We understand this wholeheartedly. While we typically recommend eco-friendly methods, we also offer conventional treatments. Our conventional treatment procedures are based on the recent study conducted at Purdue University. We recommend the guidelines provided to guarantee satisfactory results.

For instance, we need to make sure that we visit your home at least twice to treat it using pesticides. Still, we’re going to take this one step further to ensure your satisfaction. We’ll follow the steps listed below to make sure the bugs are removed from your home.

  • Our technician will visit your home three times. During the first two visits, the home will be inspected and treated.
  • When we visit your home for the third time, we’ll check the dwelling for bugs.
  • We need to wait two to three weeks between visits. Doing so gives eggs plenty of time to hatch.

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