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Beetles come in all sizes and colors, with strong mandibles for feeding on tough plant stems, seeds, roots, and leaves. Unlike some species of insects, identifying the beetle is never easy. With so many variations, the beetle is extremely difficult to immediately identify. With in-depth research, you will become a beetle expert in no time.

Regardless of your knowledge of the beetle, it is possible, you know little to nothing about the insect’s eyes. The beetle has what scientists deemed a “compound eye,” an optical organ that consists of several thousands of ommatidia or optical units. Hundreds of species of insects have compound eyes. The hoverfly, bee, stinkbug, mayfly, grasshopper, and mayfly are just a few examples.

Why Is My Home Infested With Beetles?

Beetles are drawn to decaying wood. The insect builds its nest in piles of rotting tree stumps, firewood, and lumber.  People who report beetle sightings are more likely to have old wood piles in close proximity to their homes than not.

After dark, beetles are attracted to bright porch, street, and landscape lighting. It is not unusual for the insects to be found near windowsills and entrance door thresholds, where the light shines through.

Do Beetles Carry Disease?

Beetles are not for being diseased. They do not spread diseases to animals or humans through stings. However, there is the possibility of the insect causing foodborne illness. Beetles pick up contaminants on their body and through food. These contaminants can end up in your food supply. When members of the household ingest the contaminated food, they could develop a foodborne illness. Symptoms associated with a foodborne illness include nausea, diarrhea, stomachache, and vomiting in severe cases.

Beetles are not harmless, but they are pretty close to being harmless. They do not sting, and their mandibles are not strong enough to damage the skin.

What Is The Best Strategy For Getting Rid Of Beetles?

There is no one pest control strategy that will work for beetle extermination. It requires a variety of techniques, packed into one strategy. The first step is to relocate the old woodpile further away from your home. While it is convenient to keep firewood close to the home, it is a harbor for beetles.

The next step is to correct the humidity level in your home. High humidity creates the perfect environment for beetles in basements and crawlspaces. Install additional vents and a dehumidifier in high-humidity areas to deter beetles from building nests there.

Is It Possible To Eradicate A Beetle Infestation Without An Expert?

An infestation could consist of hundreds or thousands of beetles. There are hundreds of thousands of beetle species. To ensure quick and full extermination, you should take advantage of our affordable pest control service.

How Long Will It Take To Process A Pest Control Service Request?

Our customer support can process your request for pest management service between 24 and 48 hours in most cases.

Is Beetle Management Affordable?

We strive to keep our prices competitive to ensure access to all members of our local community. Feel free to contact our customer support to request a free quote.

How To Avoid Future Beetle Problems?

Routine home inspections, continuous humidity control, and proper firewood storage will minimize the risk of a new beetle problem.

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