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While there are other residential pests in our area, the most destructive are mice, rats, and rodents. These pests can cause numerous problems and make your home unsafe. Once rodents have decided to enter your home, you won’t be able to ignore them. Rodents will rip through your walls, consume your food, and leave droppings everywhere in your home. Therefore, they’re going to ruin your life and make your home uncomfortable. It is vital to wipe out these pests before additional problems occur. Since rodents can contaminate your food and spread deadly illnesses, you should work with a professional to eliminate them promptly.

These pests are easy to identify because they’re not going to hide. Plus, they have large ears and protruding eyes. Just remember that there are several types of rodents. The house mouse is common in our area. House mice can be black or light brown although they usually have gray or buff bellies. All rodent droppings are going to emit a musty odor. Another common mouse in our city is the deer mouse. They have long tails with multiple colors. If you spot one, you should have no problem figuring out what you’re dealing with.

Rodent Infestation Signs

Are you worried that rodents might’ve taken over your residence? Look for the following things to determine what is going on.

  • Check your home for rodent droppings
  • Rodents may build small nests in your home. The nests will be made using twigs, grass, and other materials from your home.
  • Check your food boxes and containers for scratch and chew marks.
  • Listen for these pests in the middle of the night. You might hear them scurrying through your home.

More About Droppings

Learn as much as you can about rodent droppings because this information can help you identify problems sooner. If you find droppings in your home, it is time to call a professional exterminator. Droppings are usually black and range in size from 3 to 6mm. Many describe them as looking like a grain of rice. Droppings can be found anywhere in an infested home although most will be around nesting and feeding areas.


Are you curious to find out more about the causes of rodent infestations? Ultimately, a mouse is commensal. Therefore, the pest is eager to enter your home. It has to do this to survive since it needs to eat your food. Despite being bigger than other pests, rodents can easily slip through small holes and gaps. They can enter through holes that are a quarter of an inch in diameter. Once they sneak into your home, they’re going to begin building nests and consuming your food. It won’t take long for you to reason that you’re dealing with an issue.

Mice & Rat Dangers

Unfortunately, rodents are incredibly dangerous. You cannot ignore an infestation because doing so will put you and your loved ones at risk. Plus, it could create problems for your pets. Prevent this from happening by tackling the problem swiftly. Remember that rodents can spread many illnesses, including Lassa Fever, Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, and more. Eliminate the rodents in your home to protect yourself and the ones you love. You must also remember that rodents have to chew constantly. Otherwise, their front teeth are going to become too large.

They’ll chew on your furniture and drywall to keep their teeth short. In some cases, they’ll chew through electrical wires and cause fires. The primary dangers can be found in the list below.

  • They’ll contaminate your food products and make you sick
  • These pests can spread many illnesses such as swine dysentery and salmonella
  • They’ll cause structural damage to your home
  • They can chew through electrical wires and cause a fire

Eliminating Rodents

You must eliminate the rodents in your home as quickly as possible. Failing to achieve this goal will leave you exposed to health hazards. It’ll also destroy your belongings. We strongly recommend teaming up with a qualified exterminator in your area. You can try using DIY methods although many of them are ineffective and unsafe. We urge you to call our office so we can help you. We’ll do our best to deliver satisfactory results to you and your loved ones. Call today so we can begin helping you tomorrow.

Response Times

We strive to provide our clients with reasonable response times. After your initial call, we’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

Safety First

We will do everything necessary to provide our clients with safe solutions. When possible, we’ll rectify the problem using natural methods and mechanical tools. In some cases, we’ll have to use conventional products. Rest assured knowing we’re going to do what it takes to keep you safe. We’ll use the latest EPA-registered products to eliminate your pests. When you’re ready, call to find out more about our safe and reliable solutions.

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Dwelling

We understand that it can be difficult to deal with mice, rats, and rodents. Therefore, it is often easier to fix the problem by keeping them out in the first place. While there isn’t a fool-proof solution, you can still decrease the likelihood that they’re going to find a way in. Thankfully, there are numerous things that you can do to keep them out. For instance, you should eliminate all entry points. Properly seal the small gaps and holes around your home. Once you’ve done this, the rodents around your home will have a harder time sneaking inside. You’ll also need to keep your home clean. If they can find food in your pantries, they’ll thrive in your home. Keep your grass cut so they won’t have a place to hide around your dwelling.

Preventing Invasions

  • Properly seal all gaps and holes around your home. Seal them with caulk and other materials.
  • Your trash needs to be taken out regularly.
  • Store your food in durable containers.
  • If you spill something in your home, deal with it immediately.
  • Keep your grass cut to eliminate possible hiding places around your home.

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