Lady Bugs

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Ladybugs can be found around the world including in your backyard. You’ll likely encounter this member of the Coccinellidae family at some point. When you do, you can easily identify them thanks to their unique appearance. They’re usually under half an inch in length. Although they can be orange or yellow, they’re usually red. Their heads, legs, and antennas are black. While there are at least 5,000 species, only 450 or so are native to North America. Ladybugs are regularly used by farmers and gardeners to protect their crops from pests. It works exceptionally well for this purpose. They can help defend crops from scale insects, mealybugs, and aphids.

Reasons You Have Them

Are you interested in finding out why ladybugs are on your property? Usually, the answer is simple. These pests are members of the overwintering pest group. As a result, they cannot tolerate extremely cold weather. When the temperatures drop in your area, ladybugs have to find a way to stay warm. While they can find other hiding places, they regularly sneak into residential and commercial structures. They’ll hibernate in these warm areas until spring arrives.


Put your mind at ease knowing these pests aren’t dangerous to humans or pets. It has been revealed that Asian lady beetles can nip. They could pinch your skin slightly. However, they’re not powerful enough to cause serious damage. Even if they nip your skin, they’re not going to break your skin. Therefore, this isn’t something you should worry about. The primary problem associated with ladybugs is the fact that they’re going to become a nuisance in your home.

Elimination Techniques

Find a viable solution for eliminating the ladybugs on your property right away. Otherwise, they’re going to stay until spring arrives. Ultimately, it is hard to get rid of ladybugs. There is no nest. Therefore, you have to physically treat each ladybug individually. Suffice to say, missing a few ladybugs could lead to major issues. Call our office to take advantage of our ladybug extermination services. We’ll wipe out the infestation before you know it.

DIY Ladybug Solutions

You can try using DIY methods to eliminate ladybugs although there are risks involved. For instance, you have to be very cautious when purchasing and using over-the-counter pesticides. Some could be dangerous. If you use the wrong ones, you’re going to expose yourself to immense risks. Be cautious to prevent this from happening. Furthermore, you can never be positive that you’re choosing safe, reliable methods.

Arrival Times

We strive to arrive at your property as quickly as possible. Call today to learn more. We’ll contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Safest Treatments

Our clients are serious about protecting their loved ones. We understand and want to help you achieve this goal. To ensure that our clients are going to be safe, we’ll remedy their issues using products approved by the EPA. We’ll also follow strict protocols to ensure that our clients are going to be safe.

Preventing Invasions

Unfortunately, it is never easy to keep ladybugs out of your dwelling. Once it gets cold, they’ll find a way to sneak inside no matter what. Otherwise, they’ll die. Therefore, you should team up with a professional exterminator. Call us to find out more. You’ll also want to seal any gaps around your home. Doing so will help keep them out.

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