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Commercial pest control is specifically designed to target:

Commercial establishments have revolving doors, meaning people are always coming and going. Our pest control experts are fully qualified to handle small and large jobs. We keep our vans stocked and ready to go upon every service request.

We only hire experienced and dedicated technicians who are determined to provide our customers with superb service. We are so sure our work is completed at the maximum level. However, we understand mishaps can happen to alter the effectiveness of our commercial pest control service. We back each job with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Meet Our Skilled Pest Control Technicians

We have several teams of pest control experts. Each member of the team is certified to handle, transport, store, and apply pesticides. We offer an array of pest treatments, including traps, pesticides, rodenticides, insecticides, acaricides, and miticides. These pest control treatments are available in various formulas:

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Conventional
  • Synthetic
  • Standard-grade
  • Industrial grade
  • Commercial grade

We only hire the best in the business. To determine which job candidates are qualified to join our pest control team, they are required to complete a short quiz. Our company has decades of experience in the pest control industry. We contribute our success to our employees, customers, and community.

Some pest species target specific commercial establishments more than others. For example, the cockroach targets supermarkets, grocery stores, cafeterias, and restaurants. The cockroach is less commonly found in gyms and spas. It is crucial to determine which pest species are targeting your type of commercial establishment.

How Do Pests Invade Commercial Buildings?

When pests are discovered indoors, it is obvious they originated from the outdoors. Pests utilize various entry points to gain access to commercial buildings. A gap between the window frame and exterior wall is just one example. The space between the window frame and wall does not need to be larger than ¼ of an inch to allow pests access into your business. Wasps, cockroaches, beetles, stinkbugs, ladybugs, earwigs, ants, and box elder bugs can easily utilize these entry points.

Larger pests like rats, mice, and spiders require a significantly larger access point. These pests prefer public utility passage entry points. These passageways are utilized to bring water, electricity, and natural gas from the mainline to the interior of a commercial building.

Other pest species, such as fleas, bedbugs, and ticks are more often carried into the home by the occupants or visitors. These insects have legs with tiny spikes, utilized to attach themselves to clothing, shoes, fur, upholstery, mattresses, and hair follicles. Unlike the other pest species, flea, tick, and bed bugs need fresh blood from humans or animals to survive.

Risks Of Commercial Pest Infestation

A commercial pest infestation has major consequences for the community, business, government, and owner. Small towns and rural areas need all the businesses they can get. A pest infestation can result in a temporary closure of a business. The health department will require the business to remain closed until an inspection validates the pest infestation has been cleared up.

In more severe cases, the impacted business may be forced to shutter its doors permanently. In this case, the community loses a business, workers lose their jobs, and the owner loses his/her investment.

Small businesses are crucial for all cities and towns. A thriving business is worth more than 10 failing businesses.

Even if the business successfully eradicates its pest infestation within a week, it still may not survive. If the community members are not willing to forgive and forget, the impacted business will not survive. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not when the impacted business is a restaurant or supermarket, and the pest is a cockroach.

How Our Commercial Pest Control Works?

Our commercial pest management service begins with a visual inspection. The primary purpose of an inspection is to validate the presence of pests. If pests are detected during the inspection, the technician must then find evidence to help determine the severity of the problem. There is no specific number of pests that point to a full-blown infestation. Instead, the technician relies on other data to make this determination.

With the validation of a pest infestation or pest problem, the technician begins to devise a suitable treatment plan. The type of treatment is determined by the severity of the infestation, pest species, location of the infestation, and any special requests from the property owner.

The implementation is started immediately upon the completion of the treatment strategy and the property owner’s approval. The second treatment is delayed for about two weeks to give it time to work. Another two-week delay is required between the second treatment and visual inspection.

Do Pests Cause Structural Damage To Commercial Buildings?

It depends on the type of pest species. Not all pest species damage building structures. The ladybug, stinkbug, flea, tick, and bedbug do not damage the structural components of commercial buildings. Beetles, termites, ants, carpenter bees, mice, rats, and horntail wasps do cause structural damage.

Mice and rats gnaw through wood, plastic, vinyl, and thin metal structures. Beetles, ants, and termites gnaw through wooden structures like subfloors, rafters, eaves, beams, and window and door frames.

Our Commercial Pest Treatment Formulas

We offer our customers a variety of treatment options for all pest species. Our pesticide and insecticides are available in organic, natural, synthetic, and conventional formulas.

Natural and organic pest treatment formulas utilize eco-friendly toxins to eradicate pests. Conventional pest treatments utilize synthetic toxins that are not eco-friendly. However, it is possible to utilize these treatments will minimal risks to the environment.

Call Today For Your Free Commercial Pest Inspection

We offer our local businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and public facilities pest inspection for free. We never charge for pest inspection because it is crucial for the outcome of every pest control treatment.

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