Carpenter Ants

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Have you found small, black ants around your home? If so, you might be dealing with carpenter ants. They’re small ants with six legs and two antennas. Since they’re so small, you may have a difficult time spotting these distinct features. Regardless, these ants tend to travel in large groups. The ants have powerful mandibles that allow them to tear through wood surfaces. If left untreated, carpenter ants can severely damage any structure. The size and appearance of the ant depend on its class.

Signs Carpenter Ants Are In Your Home

You must learn how to identify potential signs of carpenter ants in your home. Look for the following signs.

  • First, you should look for black ants around your home. They can be found in and around your home.
  • Since they tear through wood surfaces and objects, you’re going to find trails of sawdust around your home.
  • Don’t forget to listen to them. At night, you’ll hear them moving through your walls.
  • Besides looking for large ants, you’ll also want to look for carpenter ant swarmers. These ants have wings. If you see them, act now. The colony is thriving.

Reasons Carpenter Ants Are In A Home

Carpenter ants tend to enter homes when they’re foraging for food. Their primary colony is not in your home. Instead, they’re going to start by building a colony in decaying wood. After a while, the colony will begin thriving. As this happens, the ants will need to move to new wood surfaces. You likely have wood objects around your home. Therefore, it is the perfect nesting location for carpenter ants. These pests will sneak into your home to search for food. They can find entry points around your plumbing pipes, utility lines, door frames, eaves, and windows.


Certain pests are incredibly dangerous, but others are not. Therefore, you should learn more about the dangers of carpenter ants. Thankfully, these pests are not dangerous. Although they can cause severe damage to your home, they won’t hurt you or make you sick.

Getting Rid Of Those Unwanted Pests

Carpenter ants are unwanted pests. Therefore, you have to find a viable solution immediately. Getting rid of all carpenter ants won’t be easy. The problem is that they will build and use countless nests. You’ll need to treat every nest properly and effectively. If you don’t, the ants will remain. It is best to call our office and let our professionals handle it for you. We’re always eager to work hard for our clients.

DIY For Carpenter Ants

You’ve probably thought about resolving this problem on your own. Although you can try, you likely won’t achieve your goals. It is too difficult to eliminate carpenter ants. Plus, there are numerous issues associated with DIY methods. First, you may use dangerous methods that will put you and your loved ones at risk. Furthermore, you might miss a carpenter ant nest or two. After you’ve done that, the problem is going to persist.

Hire a pro for the best results.

When Are You Able To Begin?

We’re able to begin as quickly as possible. Once you’ve called our office, we’ll help you schedule an appointment. After that, you can expect us to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Only Safe Treatments

We’re always going to do our best to provide our clients with safe solutions. We refuse to put our clients in dangerous situations. When you pick us, you can sleep soundly knowing we’re using safe, reliable EPA-registered products. We’ll keep you safe while rectifying the problem completely.

Preventing Future Issues

It won’t be easy to keep these unwanted guests out. Be ready to call our office to take advantage of our services again.

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