Heat Treatment

Once bedbugs have invaded your home, you’ll quickly realize that you have a big problem to deal with. It will prove to be an uphill, exhausting battle. We understand this better than anyone. Our company has been dealing with bedbugs in your area for a long time. Therefore, we know which methods work well and which methods should be avoided. When possible, we encourage our clients to deal with the problem using our thermal heat treatments. These methods work great for eliminating bedbugs while protecting our clients to the fullest.

Plus, it offers a handful of other perks to protect your assets and guarantee lasting results.


It is wise to learn more about bedbug heat treatments before signing up. Otherwise, you might not know what you’re getting yourself into. Thankfully, bedbug heat treatments are simple. The process couldn’t be easier. We’ll simplify the problem by tackling it for you. The treatment works by altering your home’s temperature. As you discover, bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. They can be frozen to death, but heat is more effective. We’ll heat your home until the bedbugs cannot tolerate it.

Once the home’s temperatures reach 140-degrees or higher, the bugs are going to die. They can’t escape the dwelling so they’ll die. Even if they’re hiding in deep holes or crevices, the heat will eliminate them.

The Best

In many cases, heat treatments are considered the best treatment for bedbugs. It is going to rectify the problem more effectively. The method tends to be more effective than Cryonite, pesticides, and other methods. Heat treatments aren’t fool-proof, but they are still more reliable than your other options. Since the heat machine is going to increase the temperatures throughout the home, it will kill all bedbugs. Bedbugs in other rooms and those hiding in gaps or holes will be eliminated.

It is always effective.

Temperature Matters

When dealing with bedbugs, using heat is a good idea. Nevertheless, you must remember that the temperature has to be properly maintained to guarantee satisfactory results. Again, the temperature must reach 140-degrees or higher. If the temperatures drop too low, the treatment will not be effective. On the other side, the temperatures might climb too high. Unfortunately, this could lead to major issues too. Pick a skilled exterminator. Otherwise, there is a good chance that they’re going to let the temperatures fluctuate.

If this happens, bedbugs will remain in your home. Call us because we employ the best exterminators in the business. We’ll tackle this problem for you reliably and swiftly.

Keeping You Safe

We’re eager to keep you safe. Before the procedure begins, we’re going to tell you more about it. We’ll tell you how the procedure is going to work and what will happen. Furthermore, we’ll stress the importance of staying out of the dwelling until we’re done. Despite being safe, anything can happen. We don’t want to risk anything whether we’re using heat, Cryonite, or pesticides. Therefore, you should stay out of the dwelling until our heat treatment is completed. We’ll let you know when you can return.

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