I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

When you spot a bedbug in your home, you may brush it off. Initially, it might not seem like a big deal. It could be a minor problem. Ultimately, this is likely your initial reaction. Many people fall into this rut because they believe it isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, you can’t behave this way. The problem is that a small infestation can rapidly worsen. In the blink of an eye, your small infestation could transform into a big problem.

Even if you’ve spotted one or two bedbugs in your home, call a professional. Rectify the problem quickly to ensure it doesn’t spread throughout your home and lead to more bedbugs. Before picking a local exterminator, you should use free quotes to your benefit. Carefully research each company before picking the one that will serve you best.

Worrying About A Few Bedbugs

Again, you might not worry about one or two bugs initially. However, this could quickly change. You can’t ignore such an issue because it isn’t going to wait for anyone. Once a bedbug enters your home, the clock is going to start ticking. Whether they’ve entered in your luggage or through a small hole, you have to do something about it. Bedbugs live in large groups and won’t stop reproducing. In many cases, it is possible for a female bedbug to lay up to 500 eggs during her life.

Whether you’ve spotted three or four bedbugs in your home, do something about it. Drop what you’re doing, pick up your phone, and call a high-quality exterminator. Bedbugs are often difficult to discover in a dwelling because they’re reddish-brown and small. They’re only 7mm in length. Therefore, you’ll have to look closely and carefully.

Why You Won’t Spot Them Easily

You’re not going to find bedbugs easily. Instead, these problematic pests are hard to find in your home. As mentioned previously, these pests are small. They’re small than cockroaches, mice, and other household pests. To see them, you’ll have to look closely. They’re roughly as thin as a debit card. Trying to find them in your home will prove to be difficult. It doesn’t help that these pests are reddish-brown.

As a result, they’re going to blend in with the furniture items in your home. In some cases, it is easier to work with a qualified professional. Otherwise, you won’t realize that you have a problem until you begin developing bite marks and rashes on your skin.

Bedbug Characteristics

Once you’ve found a small, reddish-brown bug in your home, you need to make sure it is a bedbug. Otherwise, you may overreact to the situation. Remember that certain pests look like bedbugs, including cockroach nymphs and fleas. It could be something else. Bedbugs are usually less than 10mm in length. They have small antennas and six legs. Their bodies are oval and reddish-brown.

Things You’ll Notice

If you have bedbugs, you’ll begin noticing certain things in your home. Check for the following signs to determine whether bedbugs are residing in your dwelling.

  • First, you should check your home for bloodstains. Bedbugs are going to leave blood spots around your home. Whether they’re feeding or getting squashed, they might leave a little bloodstain.
  • They’ll also shed their skin. Therefore, you will likely find exoskeletons. The translucent skins are left in your home when the bedbugs shed their skin.
  • Bedbugs have to use the bathroom somewhere. When they’re in your home, they’re going to leave feces around your home. Check for small, black spots on your bed and furniture.
  • Since bedbugs reproduce rapidly, they’re going to produce a lot of eggs. Once the eggs hatch, you’ll find many egg casings in your home. Look for both.
  • Carefully inspect your skin. Bedbug bites may lead to rashes and welts on your arms, back, stomach, and neck.
  • Bedbugs may produce a foul odor in your home. Your bedroom will have a musty odor.

Properly Scouring A Home For Bedbugs

Have you started worrying that you might have bedbugs in your home? Before doing anything, confirm that bedbugs are in your home. Don’t pay for professional services until you’ve confirmed that you have bedbugs in your home. Search your home from top to bottom to find out what is going on. First, you must understand that these pests prefer staying close to their primary food source. If you’re worried about bedbugs, start by searching your mattress.

Remove all pillows and sheets. You’ll also need to check your bed frame, box spring, and mattress. Remove all covers before carefully scouring the mattress. Don’t forget to flip the mattress and check both sides. Continue searching the rest of your home until you’re positive that you don’t have bedbugs. Check your baseboards, clothes, suitcases, electronic devices, and outlets.

Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, call a local, licensed exterminator.

Getting A Professional

Ultimately, you should hire a professional to help deal with your problem. Doing so will be wise because licensed exterminators guarantee satisfactory results. Purchase a bedbug mattress encasement. Install it on your mattress to ensure that you don’t have bedbugs. Once you’ve installed the encasement, you’ll know if bedbugs are in your home. If they get trapped in the mattress cover, you’ll realize that you have a problem. Begin your search for a licensed exterminator in your area.

Be sure to obtain quotes from several exterminators in your area. Compare the quotes and research the companies. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know which company is right for you.


Is One Bedbug In My Home?

You might believe that one bedbug has invaded your home. It could be one, but the chance of this happening is very low. Instead, you’re likely dealing with a bigger infestation.

What Should Someone In This Situation Do?

In this type of situation, you should do something about it immediately. When you find a bedbug in your home, call a professional.

What Is Required For An Infestation?

An infestation may contain any number of pests. Call a professional whether you find ten, twenty, or two bedbugs in your home.

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