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There are numerous types of ants out there. Whether you’re a renter, homeowner, or business owner, you have to learn more about the different types. In our area, you’re going to encounter these pests regularly. They belong to the Formicidae family and live in massive colonies. They usually live underground, but some do not. Today, researchers have confirmed that there are at least 12,000 species of ant, but there could be more than 14,000 species. Thanks to their unique appearance, they’re easy to identify. For instance, they have a narrow waist and elbowed antennas. These pests are always successful because they’ll work together to achieve their goals.

Whether they’re searching for food, building nests, or fighting invaders, they’ll work together to get it done.

Causes Of Ant Invasions

Are you eager to find out why ants have invaded your residence? Usually, these pests build underground nests. They can live with hundreds or thousands of other ants. Although they prefer living and staying outside, they’re going to enter homes and businesses to search for food. If your food isn’t properly stored, there is a good chance that they’ll sneak into your home to take your food. They’re very determined pests that won’t stop until they find a way to sneak inside. They can do so using small gaps around pipes, doors, windows, and utility lines.


Thankfully, ants do not pose any risk to people or pets. Nevertheless, you’ll want to remove them from your residence promptly. They’re going to become a massive nuisance for you and your loved ones. Get rid of them so you can rest comfortably in your home.

Elimination Methods

You must find a reliable elimination method to wipe out these pests quickly. While you can choose other options, we think it is best to choose our services. We offer a reliable small ant service that will wipe out these pests swiftly. Our services will protect you and your loved ones. Furthermore, we use proven EPA-registered products that will guarantee satisfactory results. Call us to find out more about the ant services we provide.

DIY Ant Eliminations

You can try experimenting with do-it-yourself methods. However, doing so is generally not a good idea. While these methods can help, they can lead to certain problems. Some require you to use dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, they might not work. If you pick an ineffective DIY method, you’re going to waste time and money.

We’re Here For You

We’re here to help you. Call our office to start. We’ll respond to your initial call within 48 hours or sooner.


We’ll do our best to provide you with safe solutions. We’re not going to do anything to put you or your loved ones at risk. Our products have been approved by the EPA. Therefore, they’re safe and effective. When you’re ready, call to find out more about these products and our methods.

Preventing Ant Issues

Properly store your food products to keep ants out of your home. Make sure your food items are stored in durable, tough containers. If they can’t find food in your home, they won’t enter your home.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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