Carpenter Bees

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While there are numerous types of carpenter bees in the world, the carpenter bee is one of the most unique. The solitary bee species ranges in size from half an inch to an inch and a half. The color of the carpenter bee depends on its gender. Male members of the species have orange and black skin. As for females, they’re only black. They are regularly confused for bumblebees although they do not have hairy abdomens.

Reasons For Carpenter Bees

As the name implies, carpenter bees are interested in destroying wood surfaces. They do this to ensure that they can build nests in the wood. These pests are going to build nests using untreated wood surfaces. If you have unpainted or unstained wood around your property, the wood could attract carpenter bees. When carpenter bee infestations are not treated, they could lead to severe structural damage.

How Dangerous Are They?

Although carpenter bees can sting, they’re not as aggressive as other stinging insects. While the males do not have stingers, they can be aggressive. They’ll attempt to defend the nest using any means necessary. As for female carpenter bees, they’re equipped with stingers. The good news is that the females rarely sting. While their venom could lead to allergic reactions, it doesn’t happen frequently. Just remember that their larvae may lead to woodpeckers. Therefore, they can cause even more damage to your home.

Eliminating Carpenter Bees

Be cautious when eliminating these pests. Otherwise, you could create major issues for yourself and your loved ones. Relying on ineffective products could lead to monetary losses. Plus, you have to avoid using dangerous chemicals in your dwelling. Call a pro to minimize the risks.

DIY Methods

You can try using DIY methods for carpenter bees although it is not recommended. Some of these methods are unsafe. Others are not going to get the job done right. We recommend letting a professional handle it for you. Hire a professional to ensure that it can be taken care of swiftly and safely.

Safe Treatments

We’re proud to provide our clients with safe treatments. When you pick us, you can guarantee that you, your home, and your loved ones are going to be protected during each phase of the procedure. We’ll do our best to protect you and the ones you love. Since we use EPA-registered methods, the risks are minimized. Call today to find out more about our safe, reliable solutions.

Preventing Infestations

It is wise to learn how to prevent infestations from occurring again. Otherwise, you’ll likely run into bigger problems. If you can keep these pests out, you can avoid the risks. Make sure the wood surfaces around your home are painted or stained. Doing so will make it difficult for them to build nests around your home.

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