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Bedbugs are common residential pests in the United States and abroad. They’re ectoparasites that want to suck your blood. They’ll sneak into your residence, hide on your mattress, and suck your blood in the middle of the night. They can also hide elsewhere in the home. They’re only 3/16ths of an inch making them very difficult to spot in your home.

What Causes Them?

Are you wondering what causes cockroaches to invade your residence? Thankfully, it wasn’t something you did or didn’t do. You can’t keep them out by cleaning your home three or four times a day. Instead, bedbugs are going to invade your residence because they want to suck your blood. The problem is that they’re hard to see and they can use numerous methods to sneak into your residence. Staying at a motel, hotel, or inn could lead to big issues. The pests might climb onto your clothes or in your luggage. When you return home, the bugs will come home with you. Furthermore, you can bring bedbugs home with you after purchasing used furniture and clothes.

These bugs could be hiding on the used items you just purchased. Bedbugs sometimes crawl from one apartment to another. Seal your home to stop this from happening.


Since bedbugs suck human blood, they sound frightening. Thankfully, they’re not dangerous. They’re not going to transmit illnesses when biting your skin. Even if you’ve been bitten by a bedbug, it won’t hurt you. You might develop a small rash though. If you don’t get rid of them, they’re going to keep you awake at night. Unfortunately, that could make you sick in the long run.

Elimination Choices

If you’re dealing with an infestation of bedbugs, you should find a viable solution right away. Otherwise, the problem is going to worsen. The bedbugs in your home will quickly spread to other bedrooms. Our company offers full-scale services including inspections and eliminates. Before picking an elimination method, learn more about them. Read the section below to learn more about our manual solutions, heat treatments, and fumigation services.


Our manual services are good for eliminating bedbugs from a small area. If you need to remove bedbugs from your home, this method is suitable for you. Just remember that you’ll have to prepare for our arrival. The preparation requires are extensive. Our manual bedbug methods can be completed with or without chemicals.


We recommend our clients pick our heat treatments. The method is great for numerous reasons. It is safe, effective, and versatile. Heat can easily eliminate all bedbugs in a dwelling without posing any risks. While the machine will increase the temperature in your home, it won’t hurt anyone or damage anything. Still, we recommend staying out of the home until we’re done. The method requires little from the client. Once we’ve finished, you can return home within minutes. We usually do not use any chemicals when eliminating bedbugs using heat.

However, Diatomaceous Earth might be added.


Finally, our bedbug control company also offers fumigation services. Just remember that this method is only suitable for commercial clients. While the client won’t have to do much, they must leave the building for 24 to 48 hours. We’ll let you know when it is safe to return. Vikane is the primary chemical used to solve the problem.

DIY For Bedbugs

DIY methods are available for bedbugs, but they’re not recommended. People who’ve tried DIY methods usually do not achieve their goals. If you’re going to use pesticides, you’re going to put your loved ones at risk. Pesticides can be very dangerous. They’ll pose risks to you, your loved ones, and your pets. We hope you’ll take advantage of our services because our methods are safe.

Safer Treatments

It is imperative to do everything you can to protect your loved ones. Failing to do so could lead to your spouse or child getting sick. Don’t let this happen. Avoid using dangerous chemicals in your dwelling. We’ll take your bedbug problem using natural methods. Plus, we only use products approved by the EPA. Once you’ve agreed to use our bedbug removal techniques, you can guarantee that your loved ones will be protected during each phase of the elimination procedure.

Overall Costs

We are unable to tell you how much you’ll pay until we check your situation. In general, the cost of our service is going to depend on the size of your residence. We’ll have to see your home first. Once we’ve inspected the dwelling, we’ll give you a bid price.

Preventing Invasions

It can be tough to keep these pests out. Be cautious when visiting motels and hotels. Furthermore, you should seal any gaps or cracks you find around your home. When you find bedbugs in your residence, call us.

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