‘Ālewa Heights is a neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. It is located on Kapālama Ridge, above Nu‘uanu Valley. “‘Ālewa” means “to float.” ‘Ālewa Drive is the main road in the neighborhood. Near the top of the heights, ‘Ālewa Drive is one of the steepest streets in Honolulu. ‘Ālewa Heights is the home of Natsunoya Tea House, a historic local banqueting hall. Alewa Heights rises 843 feet above Honolulu from the Lunalilo Freeway/H1, Oahu’s main thoroughfare. Alewa Drive is the neighborhood’s main road, winding through well-kept homes in a mix of architectural styles ranging from the early plantation and mid-century modern to new custom homes and spacious remodels. The high elevation provides residents with panoramic views spanning the fringing verdant, green mountains to the north, and the deep blue, sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean to the south. Alewa’s close proximity to Downtown Honolulu, its spectacular scenery, and the rare availability of Alewa Heights real estate make it some of the most sought-after property in Honolulu.

One of Oahu’s oldest neighborhoods, Alewa Heights was founded in the 1920s. As Honolulu’s population grew, some of the more wealthy residents who desired a more peaceful setting, yet enjoyed having easy access to big-city amenities, established their estates upon Kapalama Ridge overlooking Nuuanu Valley. Alewa Heights was a favorite of King Kamehameha, and he had a two-lane wide Holua slide built down the slope from Kapalama to the sheltered harbor waters. A Holua slide is extremely dangerous, the equivalent of a toboggan slide, but on lava rock rather than ice, and the sport was reserved for royalty.

Landmarks and Dining

Shuuji Fujiwara built a small tea house named Shinchoro in 1921, constructing its own roads and installing telephone poles to service the establishment, which is known today for its stunning views overlooking the lights of Honolulu, HI. Shortly before World War II, the customer named Yoshikawa frequented the tea house, ordering tea or beer, and was granted use of an upstairs room to rest in when he was tired. The room had a telescope and, unbeknownst to Shinchoro’s owners, Yoshikawa used the telescope to spy on ships in Pearl Harbor, sending coded messages back to Tokyo.


Alewa Drive is a popular route for runners because of its slope and low density, slower-paced traffic. There are two parks in Alewa Heights. Four-acre Na Pueo Mini Park serves as the meadow-like beginning and end of a 5.4 mile long looped trail for hiking, biking, and running. The trail features spectacular views of Punchbowl, Diamond Head, Nuuanu, Liliha, and Awela Heights from a different perspective. A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Honolulu


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